Choosing a home

Choosing Care Home

Everyone has the right to the level of care offered by Orchard Care Homes and we welcome enquiries from everyone. We offer a variety of different homes catering to different care needs and we accept both local authority and privately funded residents in our homes.

What kind of care home is right for you?


Residential homes

provide accommodation, meals and professional help 24 hours a day. Staff can provide personal care when needed, such as help with bathing, dressing and laundry.

Each room provides a high level of privacy and amenities such as en-suite facilities, an emergency pull cord, a television, a telephone point and internet facilities. This level of care allows for independent living, but the support is there if it’s needed. Many of our residents chose to move into this type of accommodation for the community atmosphere, companionship and security.

Nursing homes

offer residents the benefit of having qualified nursing care 24 hours a day. This can be a great relief for those who are struggling to cope in their own home, with only visiting carers for support. Medically trained staff assist residents with a variety of nursing needs and also promote independence wherever possible. A number of specialist facilities including bath aids, condition specific beds, stair lifts and wheelchair access ensure comfort and mobility within the home.

EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm)

homes offer specialist care for people with dementia and other mental health related problems. Residents may be physically fit, but require a degree of specialist support from appropriately trained staff.

Our EMI homesare purpose built using the latest research from top specialists. They offer a safe and secure environment to enable residents to find their way around with ease, comfort and independence.  Each resident has a personal carer who is the main point of contact for friends and relatives. All employees in the home are trained in EMI related conditions. (For more information click on our section entitled Dementia Care).

Respite Care

If you are caring for an elderly person at home and need a break, we offer short term care. Some homes set aside rooms for this purpose allowing breaks to be pre-booked. Others will be able to offer a room when a vacancy occurs.

To book a visit to one of our homes please call 0845 602 7469

What to look for

Haslingden Bedroom

Choosing a care home can be a daunting business, so to make things easier we have put together a checklist of things to look for. 

First impressions

Did you receive a warm and friendly welcome?

Is the home clean and does it smell pleasant?

Is it well decorated and furnished?

Do residents seem happy and well cared for?

Your care

Is the home suitable for your needs?

Will you have a dedicated person responsible for your care?

Will you be involved in all decision making?

Are there visiting dentists, opticians, chiropodists?

Does the home have suitable assisted bathing facilities?

Your home

Will it be easy for friends and family to get to the home?

Is the home part of the local community?

Is there a quiet lounge or an area without a television?

Does the home have safe, secure and attractive gardens?

Is there easy access for wheelchairs and walking frames?

Are toilets easily accessible in all areas of the home?

Are there handrails in toilets and corridors?

Your room

Did you see the room that is available?

Is it well decorated?

Does it have en-suite facilities?

Does it have a TV, telephone point and internet access?

Will you have a key to your room and be able to lock it?

Can you bring your own furniture and possessions?

Your meals

Can you choose to eat when you want to?

Can you take meals in your room?

Is there a choice of menu?

Are special diets catered for?

Are snacks available at all times?

Can family and friends eat with you?

Does the cook talk to residents about their food preferences?

Your way of life

Can you choose when to go to bed and when to get up?

Is there an organised programme of activities? Can you take part in everyday activities such as cleaning, cooking, gardening?

Is exercise therapy offered every week?

Does the home celebrate special days such as birthdays?

Can you practice your religion?

Does the home have regular meetings for residents and relatives?

Are visitors welcome at any time?

Your carer

Does the home have an Investors in People award?

Are the carers well trained?

Do carers get to know about a new resident’s background, likes and dislikes?


Were you able to see the home’s inspection report?

Were you shown the home’s Statement of Purpose?

Is there a complaints procedure?

Can a trial stay be arranged?

What is included in the fees?

What is charged as extras?

Paying for care

Choosing Your Home 3

Ideally care would be free regardless of individual needs or financial background. Unfortunately, in reality things are a little less straightforward, with funding based on individual circumstances.

We can give you advice on how this affects you. Please contact your local home manager who will be happy to talk you through the process and send you some information.